Richard Brooke
Richard Bliss Brooke – Author, The Four Year Career

“Steve and Susan Szabo are two of the most giving and enthusiastic leaders I have ever met in our profession.  They are bright, wise, talented and on fire about helping others build big teams!”


Rebecca Brent Hempey
Rebecca & Brent Hempey – Waterloo, ON, CANADA

“Steve and Susan Szabo have been instrumental in helping us build our business. They have been consistent in their training, patience and love. ‎Always encouraging and inspiring, they have taught us how to be leaders and how to push ourselves to grow. Commitment is a word they embody and practice daily with their actions and not just their words. We love them dearly and will always be grateful that they are a part of our lives.”

Laura Stout
Laura Stout – Boulder, Colorado

“If it were not for Susan and Steve I do not think I would be where I am today. I got connected to Susan Szabo three years ago and she jumped right in to guide me on exactly what to do and what not to do to build my business. I really needed that guidance. They have both always been there for me. Steve is such an amazing tech guy and has helped me endlessly with technical issues and any analytical questions. Susan and Steve have both come out to Colorado to help and support me and my team. I could not be more grateful for their love and support.”

 Helen Bradley
Helen Bradley – Whistler, BC, CANADA

“Susan and Steve Szabo have been an amazing support to me and my team. They have traveled far and wide to be with me on this journey so I can build a life with the freedom to raise my daughter and be the person I have always wanted to be! Thank you – we love you both so much!”


 Norm Heidi Bryson
Norm & Heidi Bryson – Kamloops, BC, CANADA

“When we first met Susan and Steve, it didn’t take long to understand that they are completely dedicated to do whatever it takes to help others find success. In the three years that we have known them, we have come to honor the commitment that Susan and Steve have to teaching, visioning, procedures, and skill development for our team. Steve has the knowledge of the fundamentals of business, the detailed knowledge of the technical end of the business, and expertise in presentations through multimedia. Susan has shown that even someone whom considers themselves a shy and introverted person can become a shining example of poise and grace while presenting and teaching to hundreds and even thousands of people. Her soft-spoken manner can motivate and uplift while educating, and her passion is infectious. Thanks to their help, we have grown and continue to grow our business. We consider ourselves privileged to call them our friends and mentors.”

Anita Lailani Craig – Killeen, Texas

“Susan and Steve have some of the biggest hearts and the biggest smiles I have seen. They have committed to supporting me in my business because they recognize the potential that I have. Because of their belief in me and patience with me, they have been my biggest encouragers, helping me know that I can be successful. They have provided time, resources, coaching and encouragement. I am blessed to have them in my life. I feel like I know a couple of rock stars. The wonderful thing about this profession, is knowing that I get to work for a lifetime with amazing people who I can call friends.”

Melissa Ige 
Melissa Ige – Aiea, Hawaii

“I am more appreciative than they can ever know for all their support and kindness. I am thankful for everything, especially for their never-ending support.”


Julie Lee Rowe
Julie-Lee Rowe – Sydney, Australia

“Susan and Steve Szabo have been unwavering in their support helping many in Australia to grow their businesses. When I reached out to them for a little help, they swept me up and are always there for me, going above and beyond every single time. I feel so blessed to work with them and have them as a part of my life.”

Malia Bervar
Malia Bervar – Kailua, Hawaii

“The Szabos are incredible mentors. Susan has been a great inspiration for me in building my business. Her “hands on, walk you through the steps necessary” approach has been incredibly valuable. Susan is a master at pointing out and honoring your strengths and helping you maximize their impact on your business while offering solid suggestions to grow your weak areas. Steve’s logical no-nonsense approach to succeeding in business has helped me to focus on the key components to growing my business.  These two are definitely the dynamic duo in coaching!”