Richard Brooke
Richard Bliss Brooke – Author, The Four Year Career

“Steve and Susan Szabo are two of the most giving and enthusiastic leaders I have ever met in our profession. ¬†They are bright, wise, talented and on fire about helping others build big teams!”

Melissa Ige
Melissa Ige РAiea, Hawaii

“I am more appreciative than they can ever know for all their support and kindness. I am thankful for everything, especially for their never-ending support.”

Julie Lee Rowe
Julie-Lee Rowe – Sydney, Australia

“Susan and Steve Szabo have been unwavering in their support helping many in Australia to grow their businesses. When I reached out to them for a little help, they swept me up and are always there for me, going above and beyond every single time. I feel so blessed to work with them and have them as a part of my life.