I am an introvert! Seven years ago, not only was I an introvert, I was also shy. I didn’t like parties, crowds or talking to strangers. But what I didn’t know at the time was that I could be an introvert and still overcome being shy!

What I do love is connecting with people, sharing my passion and helping change lives. A huge shift happened one day when I looked into the faces of the people in an audience to whom I was speaking. I mean REALLY looked. These were people I knew and many that I didn’t know. I had seen a lot of change in the people I had come to know and love. And some of the people that I didn’t know were nodding as I spoke about challenges I had faced and I could tell that I touched something in them. I realized that it wasn’t about me. It was about them. That’s when I KNEW that I could be a professional network marketer. Helping people live a life that they hadn’t thought possible lit me up! When it stopped being about me (and what people might think of ME) and I focused on what was possible for other people, everything shifted. I began to overcome my fears, chose purpose over security and stepped out of my comfort zone.

But how the heck did I do it???? I was shocked to find out that many great speakers and network marketers are introverts. Could that be true? YES! I did it a little bit at a time. I opened my mouth and shared my heart. Just a little at first. I got help from my mentor. I also took some practical steps such as the classes in public speaking by my now dear friend, Pam Chambers.

I watched an inspiring TED Talk by Susan Cain called The Power of Introverts.

I read The Introvert Advantage – How To Thrive in an Extrovert World by Marti Olsen Laney.

I used my company’s tools to help me share the information.

And I kept talking.

I am an introvert, but I am no longer shy about what I do and why I do it. I have supported many introverts in living with passion and purpose… and yes, even many extroverts as well (I do not discriminate). All of us are unique and have the power to impact lives. Build your belief, build yourself and you can change lives!

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