I am an introvert! Seven years ago, not only was I an introvert, I was also shy. I didn’t like parties, crowds or talking to strangers. But what I didn’t know at the time was that I could be an introvert and still overcome being shy! What I do love is connecting with people, sharing Read More →

I’m alive! 3 months ago today I was admitted into the hospital. I thought I was suffering from symptoms of a concussion after passing out 2 months before and hitting my head. When I first passed out, my doctor thought the problem was low blood pressure. Over the course of several months, the symptoms of Read More →

Have you ever turned beet red, almost fainted, felt nauseous, or had heart palpitations at the thought of public speaking, or even of presenting information to a few co-workers? Does sharing something with more than two people scare you? What about 20? Or 100? Are you getting clammy even reading about it? That was me! Read More →

When I look at my life today, I can honestly say I am far more successful than at any other time. I have more freedom, stronger relationships, a better financial outlook and stronger spirituality than ever. But I have not “arrived”. This is a continuous journey. And I know that a large part of who Read More →