Steve-036When I look at my life today, I can honestly say I am far more successful than at any other time. I have more freedom, stronger relationships, a better financial outlook and stronger spirituality than ever. But I have not “arrived”. This is a continuous journey. And I know that a large part of who I am now is because I sought out and listened to mentors. Many who write about success have said that one key is to find people who have achieved great things in the area in which you seek success and bring them on as your mentor. Examples include Napolean Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich and Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect and publisher of Success Magazine.

Finding and learning from a mentor can take several forms. The most powerful way to do so is to ask the person who is an expert if they will mentor you. If they say yes, I believe the most important aspect of your relationship with them is to be coachable. Listen to all they offer and do what they tell you to do, without judgment and without asking for justification. They have carved a path and you have the opportunity to benefit from their experience, their mistakes and their successes.

You can also learn much from a mentor by seeking out and learning all you can about what they have done and how they did it. Someone who is not directly accessible to you for coaching can still be your mentor in this way.

You can create and achieve any goals and dreams faster if you find mentors along the path of your journey. Dream big and find mentors!


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